Monday, February 9, 2009

Wonderful Weekend . . .

Our friends, Gail and Jim, from Denver are headed back to Denver. They flew in on Friday and we ran non-stop. The highlight of the show was going yesterday to the local performance of the "Playhouse Disney Live" show. The young man who plays Tigger (and a couple other parts) is Jim's nephew. Tristan is from Portland, OR and he met us before the show in costume and then took us on a tour of their travel buses after the show and we took him to a local pizza house for more visiting. It was fun to hear all about the "behind the scenes" part of this kind of a show.

Weston got to meet Tigger off stage before the show started. Weston was not feeling well and sat on my lap the whole show. He was mesmerized by all of the characters, the singing and all of the special effects - like the tools dancing.

The pictures from the top show Weston hugging Tigger backstage before the show. Then you see Gail and Jim with Tigger and Rainy, Weston and Stan with Tigger. Bob and I also had our picture taken with Tigger before the show. Tigger is shown onstage in part of the show.

After the show we were able to go around to the backside of the arena and see the four large tour buses that carry the cast and support staff. We also watched them load the Little Einsteins rocket for the trip to the next show which will be in Spokane, WA.

After we had pizza together, Gail and Jim took a picture with Tristan - aka Tigger. It was a very fun day and visit to share one young man's dreams come true! Tristan is 19 and has wanted to travel with a Disney show since he was just starting high school.

Now it is time to get some quilting done. These "vacation" weekends are wonderful and make me feel like I am ready to get back "at it"!

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