Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday art group . . .

I belong to a small art group and yesterday we had a "prime the pump" gathering at one of our members studios. She led us in a creative experience to cut strips into waves from selvage to selvage, sew the strips together, don't press, and then cut across that piece to make curvy strips. You can then press and sew the strips into another background piece of fabric after cutting by following the shape of the strip with a rotary cutter You then take the piece with the strips sewn as inserts and add additional strips as sewn inserts in the other direction. It was lots of freehand curved rotary cutting adn curved seam sewing. It was a very freeing experience. You can see the progress in the pictures.

We are planning to have a gallery show this summer and it was a day for lunch, to plan our gallery show, and to take a couple hours for this fast, "don't stop to think", project. It was fun and I have something in mind to "finish" it. Some were very frustrated and one was magnificent and finished out of solid color sateens. We all agreed that it was a good way to get out of "comfort zones".

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