Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What do you think?

I never learn. When I am about to enter into a new adventure, be it a job or a group to join, I sometimes get "bad vibes". You know the kind - little messages that are obvious if I were listening. I need to listen better. My past practices have been to procede thinking "I am a grown up and I can do this" when everything in me is whispering to stop, listen, and take another path.

I have just completed another lesson on this learning. Fortunately I did not continue on the path so long that I lost too much. I became involved with our local quilt guild late last fall. I volunteered to be an officer (programs) and started that work in January. At each step, at each turn, at each point, the voices were there to tell me this was not a good decision. No one would volunteer and the guild was struggling so I thought I should help. Now I know I should have listened.

Today, I resigned and I promise I will listen better. I wonder how many times I will need to have this lesson in my life before I "get it".


Anonymous said...

Good for you, life is just too short... I avoid Guilds and the politics that go with them at all costs, I like dancing to my own music.... Bravo that you did this before it really disrupted your creativity... HUGS Ronda

Carol said...

You know it, Ronda! Next time I decide to stop and change the world, get me some meds quick! Thank you!