Monday, February 23, 2009

Returning to normal . . .

We got back from Portland last Tuesday late - and I have been trying to get my brain in forward every since. It seems almost like two weeks away with the company, the trip and recovering from the crud. Today feels more like normal - whatever that is!

This weekend was inspiration time. I worked some in my studio having Hoke (my IQ) stitch out some samples of different patterns on muslin. I have wanted to do this, but haven't taken the time so I did 8 samples. I have several quilts scheduled for April where customers would like to see possibilities. I also loaded the new version of the system that will allow me to have Hoke skip pretermined rectangles or irregular shapes. I haven't done much with that yet, but will after I do a couple more quilts. Here are a couple patterns I really liked that are new to me. The first one is "Leaf Texture" by Susan Mallett. I plan to use this one today. I love the texture it provides at all sizes. The second is "Could Nine Petite" by Patricia Ritter. I purchased both of these from Intelligent Qulting. You can click on any of the pics to enlarge.

Yesterday I spent some time with my "art group". I will post on that tomorrow.

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Judy Whitehead said...

Carol, I just used the new programming to mark "no-sew" zones for a t-shirt quilt that had girl scout badges appliqu├ęd on it. It works WONDERFUL!!!!! You're really going to enjoy it!