Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Preparing . . .

I am a the "new" program person for our local quilt guild. The guild started about five years ago and has suffered from some strong personality collisions. So this fall, no one came forward, even with coaxing to take on any of the offices. At the last minute, just before "folding" I agreed to do the program part. Several others also agreed to take an office.

Our first meeting with new officers is next Tuesday and we are working hard to get a fresh start. There was nothing previously planned for the program for this meeting so we going to show a couple tools - one brand new and one older one. We are going to do this as a way to model a new segment called "Tips and Tools" in hopes that we can get others to come forward to do some sharing once in a while. We are also going to take a short amount of time to go over what we have planned for classes and programs.

I worked with my camcorder, computer, and projector to get comfy projecting live video so we can show the group an "up close" view of what is being shared just like at the conferences. I do have a tripod that I will use as well. It was a fun afternoon of getting it to all work together and making it work easily.

I am going to share the "pineapple tool designed and sold by The Great American Quilt Factory in Denver. Ronda Beyer recommended this to me a year ago and I have been having fun learning how to use it. It is an older tool that has been around for a while but I love it! The book is not necessary as they have instructions on their website, but the book has great quilt ideas for using pineapple blocks.
These blocks are some I will use in the demo on Tuesday evening. I am going to have a few more in various stages of being done so they can easily see how quickly the these blocks go together. We are planning to have a "hands-on" time "after hours" if members want to stay and try it themselves. I will have strips cut and ready to go for a few samples and take my little Janome Platinum for those who must give it a try.

Our other tool to be shared will be the new tool to make quick and easy prairie points. It is the Quick Points Ruler. I will get pictures of it and share later. Barb Cribb is the new guild president and she will show how to use the ruler. Barb is also the owner and designer of the Wild Thymes Pattern Company. She designs beautiful felted wool quilts and dyes all of her own fabric for the samples and kits.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you, Guilds are notorious for political nightmares, that is why I avoid them at all costs (lol).... I know you enjoy teaching and I love the pineapple blocks, aren't they fun, I might have to get back to my little 4" blocks... Someday... Hugs Ronda

Carol said...

Yes, the political issues are thriving in this guild as well and they run deep and long. I know by the end of the year I will wish I had not volunteered. It was a moment of weakness for sure. Thank you, Ronda, for all that you share - you make us all better quilters! The pineapple blocks made with the ruler are amazing!