Monday, January 12, 2009

More spool pictures . . .

After a long struggle of "everything that can go wrong, did . . . ", I have finally finished this little quilt. Here are more pictures.

We also heard today than my mother's older sister passed away. She was 97 and lived on her own until a year ago. She even drove until she was 95. She lived in a rural part of Montana. She also had a wonderful doll museum that she kept open to the public near her home until a couple years ago as well.. It was in a separate little house with a picket fence. There were dolls everywhere - in every room. She new all of their names and history. My mom (she is 87) is feeling sad about her passing, but realizes she had a wonderful life, but she will miss her as she was like a second mother to Mom. She went through nurses training in the "thirties" and went back to college three decades later so she could teach in a one room country school for several years. She lived her life fully, with happiness, love, and she always had a smile and a good word.

Some good news . . . my Dad is doing better. He is even playing cribbage again!

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Karen said...

Wonderful spool quilt!