Friday, January 23, 2009

Some things . . .

. . . change your life and you are never the same!
25 years ago tomorrow, January 24th, the Macintosh computer arrived and I have been in deep, panting, husky, passion every since. Here is my a of my first Mac. It had 128k of memory and no second drive. So, in order to do wonderful charts and graphs you had to swap out disks and it would "grind" away as it prepared amazing graphics first loading the software needed each time and then saving your work. I was in a school district in Colorado as a district administrator and everyone thought I was magic because I could make the best graphs for all of my reports.

Then, it was kind of in the day of cults, I "shaved my head, put on a rob", and followed that passion to work for Apple Computer, Inc. Now it is just called Apple, Inc. I went through every iteration of Macs, and still do. It has been a long passion. We truly believed we could change the world. Although I haven't worked for Apple as either an employee or a consultant since 2000, my heart skips a beat each time I see one. I have a boatload of Apple paraphernalia - lots of t-shirts, sweat shirts, pens, paper pads, etc. (I see a t-shirt quilt in my future.) All with the original 6 color logo from those dark ages. It was a wonderful time and I am blessed to have been able to take the journey. We had a saying in those days at Apple, "the journey is the reward". That is how I still live my life most days.

I now have this Mac. It has the Intel chip and will run Windows software. I can't make myself do that as I don't want to flip back and forth. It feels like I am making it be something it should never be. So, I had to actually buy PC to run my EQ6 and my embroidery software. We also had another saying we used a lot, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Most days, I should remember that as well.

Happy Birthday, Macintosh. You rocked my world!

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