Wednesday, January 21, 2009

working . . .

It has been a long time since I was so glued to the TV. I can't even remember the last time in fact. But, yesterday, I was glued from the time I awoke until I went to bed. Of course I took a couple breaks just to keep my heart moving. Our neighbor asked a few of us in to share in the day and get better acquainted - it was a little brown bag and so much fun. We live in the country and know some neighbors well and some not at all. We should know our neighbors better to lend or reach for a hand or a hug as needed. We met for an hour between the Inauguration and the parade. The conversation was about responsibility and commitment - very interesting.

Here is a little paper pieced ribbon. It is my first effort at working this small and I have some ideas so I can get better. Our guild president has this as her charity project. We are making them to sell in our booth at our summer quilt show with the money raised to go to a local charity. As you can see, I have some learning to do. They are to be pins and are just a bit over 2 inches one way by 2 inches the other and all paper pieced. I tried a regular binding and like the look, but need to work on the corners. It is my first effort so I have room to improve. Some are using interfacing and just leaving it on. I like to paper piece with parchment paper - the kind in a roll that is used for baking, but is light colored. I cut it and run it through my printer and it holds, and then just pops off when I am done. I can see through it from both sides and I like that. I am going to try some really light interfacing - no iron on - just plain and see if leaving it on will give me sharper corners. Some are just zig-zagging the edges, but I like the regular folded binding look. I also added a few crystals to this one.

What a great couple days. I have made a committment to work the last hour of each day on my service projects - I started on Monday. Machine sewing when I am home and hand sewing when traveling - which we are going to be doing some of in the next couple weeks. I will stich and do my daily prayers. That is my New Year's resolution - a little late in the year. Maybe it is a New Me resolution.

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