Monday, January 5, 2009

Something has got to give . . .

First - I don't want you to think I am whining here - just stating what seems to me to be an obvious fact.

I have had my quilting machine for almost 4 years. I did take a whole year off from quilting so I will take that into consideration, but I am getting worse and worse. Oh, technically, I am better. But the design choices and thread choices I am making are awful! Here are three of the last quilts I finished. I think it is the pressure of putting someone else's quilt on the machine. As soon as that happens, I stress, make weird decisions and the results are not good.

Before I went off to joust with college students last year in Laramie, I had decided to not take in any more customer quilts - just do my own. But then I wanted to get my IQ so I thought I would try again. It is not any better this time around. I do not like working on other people's quilts! It is plain and simple. I am just not that good at quilting other people's quilts. I am not equipped to do it! And I am not unhappy that I have realized this - I am quite relieved.

So - unless people want an all over or E2E that Hoke can do (IQ), I am not taking in any more after I finish my existing lineup. I love having Hoke (he drives my Miss Daisy, A1). I thought it was confidence, but I have been at this long enough that I should have built up enough confidence. It feels like as soon as I have someone elses quilt on the machine, I become a different person - all whacked out with worry and my artistic decisions fall in the dump. And the worst part is I actually go ahead and quilt those whacked out decisions.

Whatever it is - life is too short!. I am going to do my own stuff from here on! Life is just too short, especially when I am already in my third act. I can't waste anymore time worrying about being a "quilting for hire" failure. I am over it! I will go find a job as a greeter at WalMart and work on my own quilts.

Hope you have a good day. I know I feel much better!


jhwolf said...

I understand your feelings when doing quilts for customers but, if these quilts are examples, they are beautiful!

Judy in MO

Dawn said...

I don't think there is anything wrong AT ALL with those quilts. I would not be brave enough to say do the pink quilt with such contrasting thread b/c my skills aren't there yet after only a year, but you did a wonderful job! I printed off the pics just to save your wonderful ideas.

If your clients didn't like those quilts, well....everyone has their own taste and sometimes it's all in their mouths. :)

Dawn in TX

Anonymous said...

First of all, the quilts look good to me. I think you are WAY too hard on yourself.

That said, if you dont want to do it, and find it too much pressure, then good for you that you admit it and go on.

Life is stressful enough without being stressed by quilts!


Carol said...

Thank you all for the comments. I know I am not terrible, but none of them turned out as I thought they should. I think a couple problems are that I should have selected different thread on two (customer wanted variagated on the pink one even though I should have known better for that one.) And, following the posts on MQR, I should have buried threads on one of them. Live and learn. I have several "in house" to finish so I will see how they go. I don't think the stress is worth it for sure. It feels good to be able to say "out loud" that I am not happy feeling I may have ruined someone's quilt. Thank you again for being so kind!

Jami C said...

I think they all look great! Maybe the pink would have been better with just a plain soft pink, but that is what SHE wanted!
Just have been curious...Did you ever get your Round Robin Quilt finished up? Would love to see pictures if you did. Jami C

Anonymous said...

Am catching up on blog reading and had to chuckle after reading this entry. You do BEAUTIFUL work,as noted, thread choices are not always the quilters to make and the three quilts shown are far from being terrible.

I think all "good" quilters question their choices from time to time. I hope the plan you settled on regarding quilting for hire works well for you.

Many good wishes to you for a happy 2009!

Christine O.