Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday morning . . .

One more day and I have to head for home. It has been a wonderful time with Roy and Meagan.

Today I am heading off to E. E. Schenck for a batting/thread purchasing trip while Meagan is in school. Roy has taken the day off and we will have more time for good talks and some fun stuff. This afternoon, we are going to enjoy a special movie, paint our "puppy heads" that we made yesterday from paper mache, bake those cookies we have been saving for today, and cut out more "eye spy" squares from the Halloween fabric. It is going to be a busy day.

Tomorrow it is time to head for home. I will stay in Missoula tomorrow night with Mom in her new apartment in the senior center there. And then head on for home on Sunday. At first I thought I would stay in Spokane because of this cruddy cold I have had all week and not feeling very good. It is a long drive so I thought I would break it up, but I am feeling so much better - back to normal!

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