Friday, September 5, 2008

Catching up . . .

Yesterday was a long day - I left home at 5 a.m. and drove 200 miles to Missoula. We helped movers move Mom to a very nice apartment in a senior living community. We got her all set up and then I drove home last night. It was a long day, but the progress is worth the trips.

Her house is for sale and things are moving along. Dad is still in the nursing home and when I stopped to visit him he was laughing and telling me how he fell when trying to get from the toilet to his wheel chair. He said, "the toilet went one way and the chair the other". Then he smiled my favorite smile and said, "well maybe the toilet didn't move". His progress to get stronger is slow, but he is okay and his spirits are good.

We had a busy week before that trip as well. Weston was here for a couple days while his folks were busy getting finishing touches added to a couple homes that Rainy is decorating for the annual "Parade of Homes" event starting today. Everything always has to wait until the last minute and in one of them the carpeting was just being put down hours before they moved the furniture in for the staging.

Here is a cute picture of Weston watching "Toy Story" with Bob while he visited. I saw that movie three times in one day this week. He is like that - loves every detail over and over of one movie for several times and then he is "over that one". Last week it was "Toy Story 2".

He then was learning to take pictures and here is one of the ceiling in the kitchen. I am not sure just how he did it, but it is interesting to be sure. He loves to take pictures with my digital camera. I am not sure it is his gift.

And just in case you thought I was not going to ever quilt again - here is a photo of one I am going to work on tomorrow. It is from a client and I am going to have Hoke do a pantograph in the center and we will work together on the borders. Of course this should have been done last weekend, but that is life!

Things just might be back on track . . . whatever that is!

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