Monday, September 22, 2008

Home again . . .

I am home again and looking forward to some wonderful fall days filled with lots of friends, gatherings, get-aways, tons of UFO's and other things. I unpacked the car this morning, got caught up with laundry and put stuff away and I am now heading off to my studio.

Things I love about autumn . . .
Here is a little list I did about fall . . . things I love about this time of year and want to make sure I include during these next few months.

A - Apples, tart and crisp
B - Berries - all kinds
C - Colors of the leaves
D - Drives - long and winding
E - Earrings - time to make some more
F - Football games and the friends who gather
G - Getting ready for winter
H - Harvest time for everything
I - "Indian Summer"
J - Jeans - my favorite ones
K - Kicking the leaves to hear them crunch
L - Leaves - all colors and shapes
M - Meagan - pictures and talks on the phone
N - Nails - paint 'em red
O - Oatmeal with apples, raisins, walnuts
P - Parties for just any reason
Q - Quilting - and lots of it!
R - Retreat - an annual get away with good friends
S - Soups of all kinds in the crock pot
T - Tomato salsa - fresh
U - UFO - lots of fiber projects to finish
V - Vote - absentee this year
W - Weston - all the visits
X - Xeriscape naturally - no more mowing
Y - Yummy - everything and everyone
Z - Zestfullness - filled to the brim with all there is to do, to see, and to enjoy.

And with that I will be busy, busy enjoying the next few months.


Judy Whitehead said...

Isn't it always great to be back home. Love your list!!!!!

Carol said...

Yes, it is wonderful to be home. I have 3 days in a row here without any obligations to family, business, or company and this is a "first" since May 1. I am in recovery mode! But I will enjoy it all again soon.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Fall is in the air with rain here, looks like you came at the right time..... Ronda