Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday . . .

Pictures, pictures, pictures - must remember to take some. I keep forgetting! So - just to make this blog look better, I am starting with a cute picture of Walker I took before we left home. And - I am really missing those little guys!

We were out fairly early this morning to meet up with two other couples from home for a breakfast that lasted until nearly lunch. We had such a great visit with them. The guys are all fraternity brothers (Sigma Chi) from Montana State University and they always enjoy getting together.

Afterwards we came back to our "home away from home" and had a nice visit with another guy in the park here who has a motorhome like ours. It is always fun to compare notes and share stories. We always learn a lot.

We then spent a couple hours looking for vacuum bags for our little vacuum. We left without bringing any extra. I have to order them at home but thought maybe I would find some in one of the stores here. No such luck, but we did see some wonderful new areas and a great new mall where there is a huge Sears. Sears online has them so I was thinking they might carry them in the store. Bob enjoyed the huge tool area in this Sears and I enjoyed finding a couple shops in the beautiful, huge, new, two story mall that I only find in the "big cities". They had a wonderful Nordstroms and a Body Shoppe plus everything else under the sun. There are times I really love the amenities of such a mall. Tomorrow we are going to have to do a little creative emptying of the existing vacuum bag. It is time to vacuum!!!!

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