Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Warm day . . .

It was a nice warm day here. We thought it was that way every day here. After all it is Arizona and isn't that why people come here in the winter? But, we have heard many comments from those who have been here for the past couple months that this was a very nice, warm day for them as well since there has been a lot of cool weather for the area.

We got out and about to see some of the country side and the small town of Parker. There are a whole lot of RV's everywhere - and I mean everywhere and a lot of them are heading out or have already left the area. We are amazed!

We had a great late lunch with John and Ann (brother and sister-in-law). We enjoyed a nice view of a marina and the Colorado River while we ate and had a good visit.

Here is a picture of the Colorado River from the campground where we are staying. There are a lot of really nice places to stay all up and down the river. One park we loved was Buckskin Mountain State Park. We may come back to that one after our couple weeks over near Phoenix for some visiting. It has all the ingredients we like - warm air, a little shade, good walking paths, spaces not too close and a nice view of the river.

But, who knows what we will do or where we will go? We have no place to be and all day to get there. Life is good!

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