Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cute story . . .

We had a special lunch with another set of friends today. They had a gathering of their neighbors and invited us to join in so we did. It was a good visit and opened our eyes to another possibility - buying a smaller, older home here to enjoy a few months each winter. We are sure enjoying the weather this week - mid 70's.

And then when I got back to the motorhome - I got this really cute email from Rainy. She is watching the house while we are gone and she takes Weston and Walker out with her when she checks on it. She said Weston has not wanted to go until "Grandma and Grandpa are really there". But today, she went out and they had some lunch from the goodies we left in the freezer for just that purpose - chicken nuggets, fries and sugar cookies. They were also enjoying some TV so Weston was feeling right at home. When she was ready to go, Weston did not want to leave. She told him that she and Walker were tired and he told her, "Mom, why don't you two just go lay down on my bed, while I watch Tom and Jerry!"

So - buying a nice little house in Arizona for the winter months is going to have to wait a few years for this Grandma. I don't want to miss these special times with any of them.

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