Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bob's Birthday . .

Today was Bob's birthday. After we walked this morning, we decided to stay at this campground and moved to another site that was available. That requires unhooking everything and then moving and rehooking everything. It was good practice for us. We will stay here a week and then head out.

We finally took the time to do some work in the motorhome with rearranging shelf locations and organizing things like we want them. We have never had the time to do that before it seems as we usually had little ones or traveling company with us last summer and fall when we went out and about with Gus.

Being as it was Bob's birthday and he had taken a long walk and worked hard, he decided to take a little nap so I took this picture. Yes, those are my shoes elevated in the lounge chair. I wasn't sleeping, but I was sure being lazy. It was really just a short afternoon siesta.

Tonight we went out to celebrate the birthday with my brother and SIL - had a great meal at this place on the marina. They have wonderful ribs and a great view.

Tomorrow - who knows? Maybe I will break out my sewing machine - and then again maybe not.
I've got nothing to do and all day to do it.


Janna and Mike said...

We do tend to get kind of lazy down here in the desert. I haven't gotten near enough sewing done this winter!

Carol said...

Yes - it is a good way to enjoy the world and be thankful!