Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trip to Yuma . . .

Yesterday we went to Yuma. We had a good visit with my cousin and his wife. She fixed us a spectacular lunch - truly a magnificent meal. She fixed flounder and the way she cooked it was just delicious. She added baked asparagus and a wonderful seasoned baked potato along with great bread. We ate so much I suspect they wondered if we had ever had such a meal. It was that good!

On the way back to Parker, we stopped at the Yuma Proving Ground where Bob was stationed for 3 years when he was in the Army. Several months of each of those years they were in northern Alaska. The project he worked on kept them in Yuma from May through November and then in Alaska - seems backwards to me, but what do I know? The first picture is of something called "the overland train". He said when a certain general would visit it would have to be kept out of site as that general was not favorable of the project.

The second picture is of the view from the museum across the parade grounds. We spent some time in the museum which is in the building that used to be the post headquarters. The headquarters have now moved to a new location. The museum is very well done and we enjoy the time there. The last picture of the day was of a tree that I loved so I had to capture it. I see some design possibilities there.

Today we have cleaned, got the laundry done, had the coach washed (traveling coach washing team) and we are ready to hit the road toward Phoenix tomorrow. Everyone who hears us say we are heading to Phoenix just grimaces and says, "oh the traffic - you will be sorry". We hope not, but we are prepared for lots of traffic. I do love cities and we always enjoy our time in Denver and Portland. I don't mind finding my way where I need to go and I don't mind driving in the traffic since I spent lots of years in Denver. But, driving Gus through lots of traffic is not fun. We will be staying at a park on the southwest corner just as you enter metro Phoenix off I-10 so I hope that helps us with the traffic, but we are prepared. We plan to stay in that area two or three weeks unless we can't stand "the traffic" and then we will head north - or somewhere - maybe back this way.

We will come back this way next year for sure. We are hoping for a place to rent in the same park where my brother has their park model. Many of the lots there are rented to motorhomes and they have covered parking for cars and small patios. Also - we know we want to get some golf lessons over the summer. I have my clubs, but haven't played for years so I sure need a "brush up". Bob has never played golf (always a basketball guy until he had both knees replaced), but he is wanting to give it a try. We really like the area where they are - a small park, very well kept, beautiful pool and close to lots of hiking. The golf course is not right there, but fairly close. And, there is a quilting group that meets and sews every Wednesday. Now, if I could just figure out some way to bring my longarm, I might have to stay for months. LOL!


Janna and Mike said...

Carol--car in trailer pulled behind Gus with longarm in pieces. Get to where you are going, unload car, set up longarm in trailer--that's what I did and although it wasn't the best situation, it worked!

Janna and Mike said...

Oops, forgot, I too love cities but Michael prefers the boonies--wish I could get him to spend one winter in a park just to try it out. Glad you are going to the quilt show, I may end up there Friday or Saturday if I can convince Michael.

Carol said...

I love the trailer idea. We have been tossing it around as I have told Bob all about your doing that last winter. So far, he is just listening with that "and this to shall pass" look.