Friday, March 18, 2011

learning for the day . . .

I am so glad I am not too old to keep learning. This post is about a couple things that I figured out today - so glad I finally "got it". This might be too long to read, but I will certainly feel better once my bitching is off my chest. You may want to stop reading right here.

We have been on the road 3 weeks this coming Sunday. We have worked hard to keep our flexibility and our "nowhere to go and all day to get there" attitude. There are two couples who are good friends who we have enjoyed some RVing with in the past. We were going to try to connect with both couples while we were in AZ at their suggestions if it worked out - and I emphasize "IF IT WORKED OUT".

Well here is where my learning hit me along side the head. To me that means you could make plans that work for everybody and then try to stay with them. But, I am learning, in this case, it means that the other two couples (separate situations - they don't even know each other) will make suggestions, agree on plans and then change them as they want, when they want and they may or may not make the connection.

Now, I am not talking about emergencies that arise. That is always understandable. I am talking about just plain deciding to do something else. So, we make our travel plans to line up with the commonly agreed upon plans with both couples and we end up looking at each other and wondering "what in the world were we thinking"? This is not like driving across town - we are talking driving a motorhome towing a car across a state - or in one case several states. Neither worked out - or in other words - we got where we were supposed to be when we were supposed to be there, but both of the other couples made last minute changes in their plans. I think I need to change my soap - or my politics.

So what did I learn? We will do what we can and want and if we run into friends we will enjoy and while on the way, we will enjoy the new friends we meet. I will not do any more contortions to try to make things work.

And now for the second learning today . . . it is much better to up the minutes on your cell phone and MiFi plan rather than monitor every time you talk or use the internet for fear of "going over". Life just got a whole lot easier today for lots of reasons.

We took a drive through one of the regional parks and enjoyed the scenery and even hit a really big sale at a J.C. Penney's that we didn't know about. We decided to just stop as Bob needed a couple more pair of socks. We are enjoying a little basketball and some sewing - I am sewing.

And, we have decided to move over to the east side of metro-Phoenix on Sunday and get the lay of the land over there.

Another great day in the sunshine. I have been wondering, however, with all that is happening in the world, how many houses does one old couple really need?


Janna and Mike said...

OHHHH! UGH, sorry things didn't work out with friends--that happens and Michael and I have a lot of the same attitude, if we meet up with friends, great, if we don't fine, we will meet new friends, no contortions! OK, what does the last sentence mean--"how many houses does one old couple need?"

Carol said...

It was good learning for me!

About the need for two houses - it was an odd thought. Sometimes, I wonder why we need two homes - the one at home and the one on wheels - when there are so many in the world right now who don't have even one.

Not sure where that is going with me.