Monday, June 14, 2010

Interesting day . . .

Friends - Food - Fun
The description of my blog referenced "fiber, family, friends, fun". Tonight I added "food" as we are going to start on a bit different journey for a few weeks. We have been reading, "The China Study" and have decided to try to include more vegan eating in our lives. We also had some fun with friends tonight. Another couple who are really good friends are fighting some serious health issues and they are also just getting started with the vegan eating so we all went out for a vegan meal. Hmmmm - not the best and I am sure I can do better here at home as I got a good cookbook. But we then went to our wonderful Rosauers Market and tried some almond and rice ice cream. That was pretty good. It will be an interesting learning experience and I believe it will be very helpful for Bob with his arthritis and the blocked arteries.

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