Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All hail broke loose . . .

We had quite a hail storm here this afternoon. First there was terrific wind - started blowing shingles from the roof and then the hail hit and it was big stuff. Those in the picture were outside for a bit while it rained before we got out to do any collecting. They were just like ice golf balls. There are branches and leaves everywhere.

And speaking of branches - the tree guys were here today trimming three large elm trees that are in the backyard. I have hated those trees for the past several years. But, Bob wanted to see if they might look better if they were trimmed - not an easy job. The main "tree trimmer" is a French arborist. Not only is he handsome, with a magnificent accent, gorgeous smile, beautiful eyes - not that I noticed all of that - BUT - he is an artist as a tree trimmer. Those elm trees are now beautiful big parasols over the back yard. They had a big truck that they could use for two of the trees - for the third three, the arborist had to climb and hang with safety ropes and trim. It was quite a day.

Just as they finished, the storm hit so we got to visit a bit while they "waited it out". Both cars were outside and are damaged. Gus has damage to the roof, the skylights and covers on the satellite and air conditioners. Our son, Stan, had his little trailer parked out here and it was also damaged. The roof of the house will probably have to be replaced. It was quite a storm, but we are fine. It is just stuff.


Janna and Mike said...

Oh, Carol, I am so sorry to hear about your hail damage--we only got rain over here but friends in Big Timber have extensive damage--strange summer we are having!

Carol said...

Thank, Janna. We are all okay and that is what matters most. The rest will get fixed - or not. It sounds like we might get it again today. Mother Nature is very angry!