Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another great weekend . . .

We decided to head to Fairmont Hot Springs Friday afternoon - snow or no snow! It is about 100 miles west of us and the snow was gone by mid-morning. Our son and his family were going to take their little trailer over and we could all swim, golf, rest or whatever for two days. It was a great time.

The first picture shows Weston taking a break in the drivers seat of Gus, the motorhome. He loves to "pretend drive" everything and he thinks Gus is amazing. I did some driving on our way there and drove into the campground where he was waiting and watching. He was very impressed that his Grandma could drive Gus. We stayed in a close campground with nice facilities and a playground. The pools at the resort are wonderful - inside pools of all water temps and outside pools, hot tubs and huge slides.

The second picture is of Walker sitting on the floor before we all left today. He is so full of vinegar that you can't help but just laugh at his antics. He wants to do everything his big brother does and he wants to be able to do it now!

The last picture is of Gus and the kids little trailer in the campground. Once we we got there on Friday, the weather cleared and it was a great weekend. We ate all of our meals in Gus so that was the first time I got to do some real cooking . . . like eggs, waffles, sausage for breakfast . . . and it all worked out fine. We also took Kassie and she loved hanging out right near Walker all the time where the food "drops" were better than average for sure.

So, in the past week, we have done the "dry camping" lesson on our own and the "camping with the kids" lesson and both were perfect. We are planning to be home this week. There has been so much rain that the lawn looks like it needs to be bailed. Lots of work to get done here to get caught up.

It was a very memorable weekend with kids, grand kids, and our dogs - lots of laughter - some great activities and good food. It doesn't get any better than that!!!


Anonymous said...

what a pair of cuties! and it sounds like it was a fun couple of practice weekends! "i'm" impressed that you drove gus!

Janna and Mike said...

Nope, it doesn't get any better than that--sweet kids and an adorable dog!

Carol said...

It has been a great way to learn about Gus! It makes you just want to get in and get going again soon. I am also impressed that I am learning to drive. I want to be able to drive by myself, park, setup, hookup, fillup all of that stuff by the end of the summer. We will see how that goes. Thank you both for stopping by and the nice comments.