Monday, March 23, 2009

We are here . . .

It was a great trip - we left in rain out of Bozeman which later in the day turned to snow so we got out of there just in time. We flew to Minneapolis to Detroit to Orlando. We used air miles so the route had an extra stop, but we flew first class so it was worth it all the way. I used to fly every week for work so I still have a lot of miles and we decided we had best use them before they went away.

We pulled into the resort right behind our friends from Maine who also flew in near the same time but were in a different terminal, different airline - even different Avis counter - close timing. They stopped to get us all some wine and we had a wonderful time catching up before we fell into bed.

More today - off to explore and get settled. This week we are in Kissimmee - next week we move further south for a second week.

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