Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Days are Like That . . .

You know today was just one of those days. We woke up this morning in our "new digs" - a different condo near Fort Lauderdale. It is a lovely place. We are actually sharing this two bedroom condo with another couple - good friends from Maine. Last week in the Orlando area, we were in two separate condos, but this will work fine.

So, I get up, clean up and head to the kitchen for that first cup of morning coffee. The coffee maker doesn't work so we call down to get a new one. That took thirty minutes to arrive. We fill it with water and the water all runs out the bottom. We call down again - no one comes - so we take it down to the front check in area and still no luck. We finally ask them to deliver one that works to our room and we head for a McDonald's. We were all in need of coffee. Of course McDonald's was not serving breakfast any more as all of that coffee pot business had taken over 3 hours. But, the coffee was great!

We then decided to head to the ocean for lunch being as breakfast was pretty skimpy. We wanted to eat outdoors so we could view the ocean. We didn't have a clue where we were going so we headed to Pompano Beach. That sounds good! Lots of high rise hotels and condos, but no outdoor eating. We ended up walking on the beach for an hour or more - still no breakfast or lunch. We did see the gorgeous ocean and the Goodyear blimp.

We finally decided to get back to the car and head south toward Fort Lauderdale where we found a "Bubba Gump's". Great we thought. We got a good table and we were settling in for a gorgeous view of the ocean and a wonderful supper - it was now 5 pm - still no breakfast or lunch. Just after we placed our order, a UPS truck pulled up and parked for a delivery right between us and our wonderful ocean view. We all just burst out laughing. Some days are just like that!

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