Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And - more good stuff . . .

I know - you will get tired of this soon. The good news about that is - so will I. But until then, I will continue.

Good News Wednesday . . .
• We took Weston (start them young, he is 3) to his first college basketball game last night. Bob said he has already learned what he needs to know - keep your eye on the cheerleaders!

• We had a good birthday party for Bob before going to the game with familydinner and then more birthday party after the game with friends. It was a long, fun evening and night.

• I am off to Missoula today. So, what is good about that? I will finally get to see my Dad in the nursing home as I am 90% over the crud that has lingered for over a month and I can go into the nursing home without being a "germinator".

• If you don't have a cool mist humidifier and you have the crud, get one - it is amazing how much quicker you will get better.

• And here is the last quilt I did - I love the "leaf texture" I used in the body. It is that digital panto by Susan Mallett. This pic was before it was done when I was turning it for border work and it is now done and on its way home. But it is always a good thing to have a picture on a blog.

Have a great day!!!!!

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