Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some fun . . .

We are enjoying our time here with good friends and sunshine.

Here are the photos below. The first one is of the pool area at our resort here in Kissimmee.

We went to downtown Kissimmee and here is a shot of where we found some afternoon ice cream. It was a quiet little old town that is being "fixed up". Things are slow here in the economy - same as everywhere.

This is where I found a quilt shop. They had just had a class from Elinor Peace Bailey about making dolls. Several dolls made from her patterns were there and were beautifully made by a "doll lady" from that shop. It was fun to see them up close and I suspect I would like to do one when I get home so I bought a pattern. I have seen her presentations at conferences, but it was fun to visit with a person who makes them and has been involved in that world for several years.

The other pictures are from Sea World where we went yesterday. It was amazing to see all of the shows - and we saw them all! Here are some pictures. The first is of a dolphin in an underwater viewing area and then there is a picture of one of the entertainers at the Shamu show. That show was amazing! Of course it was my favorite as it was so well planned and the technology used really added impact.

We had a great day except I fell on a cobblestone path and in trying to keep from falling on my camera, I took a "face plant" and have a beautiful black eye. No picture of that! But thankfully my glasses survived.

The last picture is of some gorgeous flowers there - love to see the flowers, greenery, trees with leaves - like music to my eyes!

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Anonymous said...

Send me a little warmth and sunshine, have fun and give that Bob of yours and extra hug..... Enjoy your trip! Ronda