Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One for the memory books . . .

Yesterday was quite a day. The only way to talk about it is through a list so here goes. . .
1. Leave home at 5 a.m. to take the neighbors to the airport for their month long trip to Australia.
2. Pick up Weston in his jammies at 6 a.m. for a day trip to Helena to visit one of my best friends for breakfast and drive on for a day in Missoula to visit great grand parents (214 mile drive with Helena about half way)
3. Flat tire on the LilyB about 50 miles from home off Interstate 90 in the middle of rural Montana. Call to OnStar for repair assistance
4. Three year old being very good - watching Toy Story 2 on the DVD in the LilyB - the one we didn't think we would ever use.
5. State trooper stops to assist, but OnStar repair also just pulls in.
6. Tire changed, but tire not repairable.
7. Drive on to Helena - 50 miles - thank goodness for cheese sticks and grapes.
8. Find a new tire - very difficult as the LilyB has the new large wheel, low profile tires.
9. Three year old being very good - changed from jammies to clothes in Starbucks across the street from the tire store.
1o. "We can make you a very good deal on the other 3 tires as your tread depth is quite different".
11. Buy three more new tires - wait another hour for those to be put on - more cheese sticks, grapes and fish crackers with chocolate milk
12. Thank goodness for a wonderful friend and a great neighborhood park as the three year old is still being very, very good.
13. Head for Missoula after a three hour delay - another 100 plus miles - more DVD time with "Little Einsteins and the Golden Pyramid"
14. Take Great Grandma Jean to a spectacular park in Missoula and we all ride the "second fastest carousel" and play in an amazing playground - I didn't go down the slides though.
15. Have a fun visit with Great Grandpa Roy in the nursing home.
16. Supper at MacDonald's with a Happy Meal that has a Batmobile. . . of course Grandma had to arrange a trade for the original "Madame Alexander" doll - now I know he is "pretty", but it is clear he is all "boy" when we bought the Happy Meal - hmmm?
17. Head for home - 3 plus more hours in the car. Three year old loving "Charlotte's Web" - watched it twice.
18. Arrive back home 16 plus hours later after we stopped to put the jammies back on about an hour from home and a couple more cheese sticks and a banana
19. Great Day!

Certainly one for the memory books.


Gayle said...

I'm exhausted just reading it!
Glad you had so much fun.


Anonymous said...

What a time you had!

Weston looks so cute dressed as Buzz! :)