Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ah - winter is here in the Northern Rockies

The cold weather came in on Friday and the snow started Friday night. It has snowed off and on since. We went to the Homecoming football game yesterday and were fortunate to be inside in a sky box area for alums. It was a total whiteout at times with snow blowing so hard you could not see across the field. And of course we lost to Weber State from Utah. They were just a much better team and tough.

This morning we have about 6 inches with some drifting from the wind. The leaves are still on many of the trees so there will be some broken limbs. The picture is taken just opening the door to the back deck. The weather man is predicting it will all be gone in a few days, but sometimes these early snows never really leave until spring. I wonder if that will happen this time. The mountains just south of us have up to 30 inches and I am sure that will be there with more added for the next 6 months.


myolivebranch said...

yikes. snow, while i love it's beauty, i'm not ready for it yet.

Anonymous said...

The snow looks beautiful but I'm glad we won't see any for at least another 2 months.

I enjoyed seeing the cute quilt that you made your granddaughter.

I hope that your parents are doing well.

DearGina said...

omgoodness... its our summer here! Come on down!