Sunday, October 26, 2008

A good day . . .

Have you ever had a "hospital day"? I had one today and now I am ready to get something done. Of course the day is almost over, but it sure has been a good day. The rules for having a "hospital day" are:
1. You have to wear your most comfortable pajamas and you have to wear them all day.
2. You can't leave the house or yard - so technically you could sit on the patio if the weather was nice or you wanted to bundle up in your jammies.
3. You can eat whatever and whenever you want.
4. You can do whatever you want - you can watch movies, read, sew - or you can just sit and do nothing.
5. You have to proclaim at the beginning of the day, "this is a hospital day" so there are no expectations to fix meals or go anywhere.

It has been a wonderful day.

I spent Friday and Saturday in Missoula. Dad is doing a bit better in his new room in the nursing home. He was moved from the rehab wing and he had a very difficult time with that change. He really wants to "go home", but there is no way that is possible in Missoula and he doesn't want to be moved here. He wants to be close so he can see Mom when she comes to visit. This week, he was kind of "out of it" all week and very angry with everyone. I hope the change in meds and getting used to his new surroundings will help that. The nurses in that part of the nursing home seem to be very caring and tuned in so I am hoping that will help him not be so scared. It is part of the journey.


Gayle said...

And why is it called a hospital day? how did it get that name?

I have these days often. I call them jammie days. Same game, different name.


Carol said...

I am not sure why it has that name, but that is what they have always been for me. I think when I was a young, single mother, money was absent and there was lots to do with 2+ jobs, I would almost want to check into the hospital for "just a day" to rest. This is much cheaper, but it does the same thing.