Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a couple more days. . .

October is almost over. Here is a cute picture of my Meagan in Portland with her newly carved and painted pumpkins.

She also sent me this cute picture of her in a new Snow White dress. Darn it, sometimes Portland is just too far away and I miss too much! She will be all grown up too soon.

Weston is here this afternoon and we are meeting Bob at McDonald's for supper - his favorite place to eat so we have learned to like it - again!. His Mom and Dad are going to celebrate their wedding anniversary - 8 years. It was a beautiful day like this one and we were all in the mountains in western Colorado. Good memories!

And here is a cute quilt I loaded just before Weston came out today. It is kind of like a song. I love the purple, but it is not what would be expected. I guess when my customer took it in to buy the backing, another customer in the quilt shop told her that it was awful - the purple part. She then went on to say, "Why would you ruin a quilt with that color combination?". Maybe that is why I like it - I don't have time for people like that! My customer felt really badly as she had made it for a good friend of hers who is a veterinarian and horsewoman and whose favorite color is purple.

Sometime I wonder what has happened to kindness and manners.


Anonymous said...

I think the purple ADDS to the quilt! Maybe it's the political season. Makes people act strangely.


Jami said...

I will admit that the color combination wouldn't be for me, but as far as telling ANYONE that it was awful...My Grandma would come back and kick my butt around the block and back again!
I just don't think that manners are stressed today like they were when we were young! It's sad...what is the world becomming?

myolivebranch said...

sometimes people should wait until they are asked before giving their opinions...especially when it's a personal preference kind of thing. and yes, where did kindness go?

Carol said...

Thanks for your thoughts - I agree, we are all too tense from this time of year. But, it has been a good reminder of how rude people can become for all kinds of reasons - none of them valid, but it helps me focus on trying to be kinder in my own life.

Gayle said...

gosh, how rude of someone to say that about a quilt. i happen to really like it. different is good!

talk about rude..... a gal i hadnt seen in 6 mos said to me last week: "oh, your hair got long. why? i'm used to it short. get it cut. i hate it long". my response? "well, thanks so much. i dont remember asking you for your opinion".

your retreat sounds fabulous. hope you had a wonderful time.