Thursday, April 10, 2008

Memories . . .

"When you know better, you do better" Maya Angelou
This is an unusual post, but I need to share. Many, many years ago I married a man who had two children the same ages as my two children. We had all four of the little ones with us in the summer for 10 years as they grew up. For lots of reasons, that marriage did not work out and over the past 15+ years I have completely lost touch with the children and their dad as they live in another part of the country.

Tonight, on TV, I saw a man who reminded me of the boy who is, of course, now grown. So I looked him up on the internet and found that he had passed away in February of this year. His obituary told of his wife and two little girls who are 2 and 5. My heart just aches for them all. It seems unreal that lives once so close would go so totally in different directions with paths never to cross again.

I want to send my love and my prayers to Brad's family, his wife, his daughters, and his dad.

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