Sunday, March 22, 2015

Things are coming together . . .

It is going to be a busy time so it is a good thing that I am doing better with Mom's passing and all the surgeries for Bob and Stan.

Stan and Rainy (our son and daughter-in-law) want to build a house but feel they need to sell their current home first.  They mentioned about a month ago or so that they had a chance to rent a house for 9 months or a year and thought that might be a way for them to get their new house built and do some of the finishing and get more space which they need.

We made them the offer to come live here for the time it takes - even for a year.  We would love to travel, but are not comfortable leaving the place for very long without someone checking in regularly or living here.  And now we can be vagabonds for the year.  Well, they found the lot they like and the sale is in the works for that.  There is some interest by private parties for their current house which is really nice but quite small and they have two little boys who just keep getting bigger and having more and more friends.  It is all good.

And now we have to get with it!  We want to redo our bedroom - paint - new carpet - new bathroom tile - the works.  So we would need to clean it out anyway.  And now we are going to just clean it out for them to live in and then redo it when we get back and settled.  They are ok with the old - it isn't that bad.  The little boys both have "their rooms" here already.  But it means cleaning out closets, drawers, and all of that.

We are kind of planning on this taking place the middle of June after school is out.  Our motorhome is not new but it is in good condition and we enjoy it.  This will be home . . .

This was taken a couple years back.  But all still looks the same.  We are kind of planning to stay in Montana and the Pacific Northwest through September with at least one trip to the Black Hills to fulfill a promise made last summer to the grands.  Lots of places here we want to see and then we want to spend some time in Portland and we want to head out to the Hood Canal right after Labor Day in September.  That is about all we know so far.  Of course we will head south in the later fall sometime and plan on coming home in March or April next year.  So it will be about 9-10 months.  We can always come back here this summer as we have lots of room for parking the motor home right here should we want to catch up for a few days - maybe use my longarm.  I will be taking a sewing machine for sure.

We are thinking it is going to be lots of fun and something we have wanted to do for a long time.  So glad we have the chance.

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