Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday night -

We have survived the weekend and the best news is - so have the grandsons survived us.  One thing for sure - grandparents in their 70's are too old for 10 days of grand kids with school, birthday parties, after school activities, homework, lunches to fix and all that goes with it!  A few more days to go and we will all return to our "normal" lives.

Yesterday we all went to see the movie "Home" and we all had popcorn with some added "butter" - whatever that stuff really is.  Today we have all had stomach problems from cramping to quick exits to the closest - and it had better be close - potty.

School week again tomorrow and the boys are showered and fast asleep.  Good job, Grandma!

Tonight I will share a wall quilt I made for Weston a little over 9 years ago before he was born.  He is 9 and a half now.  I had just started quilting and it is a panel that I trimmed a bit and added a border. Then I quilted all the animals.  It was great fun!  One of my favorite projects!

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