Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pause - Wait - Turn - Change . . .

Yesterday and today I just plain forced myself to go to my studio and do some work.  I have not run my A1 quilting machine for months.  This quilt has been on the machine since late July.  I am working on it again - seemed strange at first and now it is all coming back.  Doing the freehand ginkgo leaves in metallic gold thread.  There will be more quilting on the rest of the quilt.  It is an old UFO and a good project for getting me back into quilting and getting any bugs out of my machine and me.

I had just started it and found my 48 year old son had serious heart issues that resulted in open heart surgery.  After surgery he recuperated here for a couple weeks.  Then it was the middle of September and we started preparing for Bob's shoulder replacement surgery that we have known needed to be done for several years.  We were aiming at having the surgery in early November and then found out he needed to have the carotid surgery first before they would clear him for the replacement surgery.  So the carotid surgery was the 2nd of December.  And then Mom had the strokes and passed in early January.

So now Bob's surgery is behind us and he is doing well.

I also finished my first weaving project - a scarf.  Not sure how I will wear it and it is quite primitive in technique but I love the way it came together.

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