Friday, March 13, 2015

Good days . . .

We came back today from a few days at Fairmont with our son, daughter-in-law and grandsons.  Here is the little guy in the wonderful warm hot springs heated pool water in the sun.  There is a huge pool, hot tub (inside and outside), big slide and it has all been redone.  The air temperature was a little cooler yesterday than Wednesday, but so nice for March in Montana.  It is supposed to be mid-60's here tomorrow.

Bob and I took a ride around Georgetown Lake which is not too far from Fairmont.  Here is a picture of the lake with the ice still on, snow melting away and beautiful blue sky peaking through the clouds.  Fun times.

Struggling to get some new glasses to fit right so I can see and read.  I had a exam a month ago and got a new prescription.  Today I went back to the doctor since the opticians have remade them twice with that new prescription already to no avail.  So I went back to the doctor's office today.  The prescription is wrong according to the technician, but nothing can be done until I can get into the actual doctor in 10 days.  It has been a month already.  I love the frames as they are red and quite different from my wireless ones I have so loved for several years.  But I can't see distance and can't read with them.  I have never had something like this happen in my almost 60 years of wearing glasses.  It is annoying.  But it is life!  I will keep working to get it all fixed.  Or I will be riding my broom into the doctor's office.  It will not be pretty as I have little buoyancy yet.

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