Friday, January 16, 2015

Start the world again . . . I will get back on

It was 3 weeks ago today that Mom had her first stroke.  We spent that evening in the hospital with her.  She could talk with a little difficulty but was physically able to get up, walk, etc.  The 26th of December - also would have been my Dad's 96th birthday if he were still alive.  She had the second massive stroke the next day.  After that one she was paralyzed, couldn't talk or swallow or open her eyes.  She passed 10 days after that.  It seems like eons on one hand and on the other it seems like a flash in time.

Today we gathered as a family - Stan, Rainy, Weston, Walker as well as Roy and Meagan.  We went to Chico Hot Springs and soaked, played, talked, drank a little.  It was a good way to connect, revive, heal.  We stopped for a delicious supper at a little local place down Paradise Valley and then came back home.

Roy and Meags leave tomorrow heading home to Portland.  Sad to see them go, but so thankful they were here.

Tomorrow we start the world again and get back on.   We will put "Christmas" away.


Mary said...

Dear Carol, I am so sorry for your grief and pain. i, too, grieve for my parents, everyday. I lost my dad in July! And my mom a little over two years ago, and dang it, the grief still rolls/slams in when you least expect it. I thought it would go away or be much better, but isn't it surprising how it can get worse? I'm only two hours down the road now, I hope we get to meet in person. Mary (in the mountains)

Carol said...

Thank you, Mary. We must get together. Looking forward to meeting you. Still slugging along with the work that comes with the death of a loved one - physical work and emotional work. It does just slam me when least expected.