Friday, January 9, 2015

Doesn't seem any easier . . .

Today is Friday and it has been 4 days since Mom passed.  It doesn't seem any easier at all.  My sister stayed a few days and we have been working to get things ready to be cleared out of her apartment - long days and long hours of going through everything.  The movers came this morning and most of the furniture was moved to my sister's summer place in Virginia City.  There was nothing I wanted or needed.  I have many keepsakes from Mom that she gave me over the years and I cherish them.  I don't need or want anything else but the loving memories.

When I came home today I walked through the living room and realized that I had not even put away the open packages under the tree from Christmas Eve.  Mom's stroke was the day after Christmas.  Two weeks ago.  There was a card there from her that she had put with some things she gave me - some new and one a little music box that Dad had brought to her from one of his trips away.  It was her handwriting and telling me she loved me that started the tears.  I am glad I could cry because I miss her and know clearly that it is because I miss her and love her and not just because I am bone tired.

Here is a picture of Mom and Dad with my brother and myself taken when I was about 5.  She was a beautiful lady.  Inside and out!  I will write more of my feelings and discoveries later.

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