Friday, January 2, 2015


My mom is still in the process of transitioning to her next journey.  This is the seventh day.  She was in the hospital palliative care until Wednesday afternoon when she was stable enough to move her by ambulance back to her apartment in her senior living facility.  We are all here with her now as she continues passing.  Hospice has been a wonderful support system  as well as the staff here at the Bozeman Lodge where she lived.  She is 93 and a half.  She is quiet and peaceful.  We read her bible to her and she listens to her favorite hymns being sung.

Each year I, as do others, select a word to guide me through the coming months.  For 2015, my word is "sponsible".  It is my 5 year old grandson's (Walker) way of saying "responsible".  He told us last summer that he was more sponsible than his older brother.  I want to be more sponsible in all that I do - my family, my friends and myself.

Here is a picture from last June when Walker and my mom were opening a late birthday she had gotten for him at her apartment.

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