Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday evening . . .

We had a great day yesterday - a good visit with Bob's sister and hubby in Missoula before heading home. The roads weren't too bad and it was good to get home.

The guys came to put in the tile backsplash in the kitchen, back kitchen and little bathroom. Here is a picture of it in the back kitchen. It has a decorator inset in the main kitchen with some glass tile, but I will share more pictures once they come back and finish the grout and I get better pictures. The tile has a metallic glaze so it is hard to get a good picture.

I did get up to do some quilting. I am working on a wallhanging for a good friend and customer and enjoying the work. I have a wonderful quilt shop sample up next so I am anxious to get to it.

The little guys came out at noon and stayed until this evening and it was good to wee them. It had been a couple weeks since they have been here so it is always a fun time. Weston is mesmerized by spiders and today we found out that most spiders have 8 eyes. He is anxious to get back to his kindergarten class tomorrow to share that little tidbit.

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