Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cool and raining . . .

This morning there was almost some sunshine (just lighter cloud cover really), so I took out for a walk to capture some of the gorgeous colors right around where Roy lives. These pictures were taken right across the street from where Roy and Meagan live. I am so impressed with what Mother Nature does with color - knocks me over every time.

Then we went out to a great breakfast place called "Genie's". It was the best breakfast - I always like a traditional egg, potato, toast, bacon kind of breakfast. This was the best. The eggs were perfect and the bacon was thick and crisp with just a hint of chewy. The potatoes were red potato chunks from the oven and the toast was sprouted wheat. I loved every bite, but had to leave a little behind as it was way more than I could eat. If you are ever in Portland and want a fantastic breakfast place, try this one. Just get there before 10 on weekends if you don't want to wait too long. We didn't have to wait at 9:30, but when we left an hour later, the were lots and lots of folks waiting for a table. It is an easy, relaxed environment. This picture is of Roy and Meagan with Meagan being silly - she is a fun little girl with lots of creative spirit.

After breakfast we did some window shopping and actual shopping in the Sellwood area just south of where Roy lives. We really enjoyed this fun shop with pieces by various artists.

Later we went to the movie "Puss In Boots" - good flick. Meagan had already seen it, but wanted to be sure we saw it with her so she enjoyed it a second time.

Tomorrow morning we leave this beautiful city and head back to the snow country. It has been a short trip - but one of the best.


Janna and Mike said...

When I saw your title "Cool and Raining" my first thought right out of the box was "hey, how come she gets rain in Bozeman and we have had sleet and snow all day!" That thought was before I remembered you were in Portland.

Carol said...

So glad you stopped by . . . we had a great time in Portland even with the rain.