Monday, November 14, 2011

On our way home . . .

We left at 6:30 this morning from the downtown area of Portland. So sad to leave - so sad to leave - those wonderful two people we love so much. It was a wonderful three days!

Of course there was rain - lots of it as we drove through the Columbia River Gorge. And then the rain stopped near The Dalles and the wind blew - hard - until Spokane. Then the wind stopped just east of Spokane and the snow began. We drove over Lookout Pass between Idaho and Montana and the roads were "somethin' else". Snow and ice covered the road, no chains were yet required for towing units as they climbed and the semi's were starting to stack up helter skelter on the road and off just like toy trucks. Whew - so glad we got through and then did the slip and slide down the Montana side of the pass.

We stopped here in Missoula for the night and then on toward home tomorrow after a quick visit with Bob's sister and hubby to see their new house.

I am anxious to get home - lots of ideas for creation.

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