Friday, November 18, 2011

Vegetable day . . .

It was a day to be a vegetable - cozy in the chair - fixing some computer stuff - reading - catching up on phone calls with friends and family. We had about 8 inches of new snow overnight.

I had hoped to be in the studio, but this is the day the roofing company started putting on the new shingles. They left ours go (with a nice financial incentive) until cold weather as we have shake shingles. It is a new roof thanks to the hail storm of June 2010. The insurance company and the roofing company negotiated most of the summer and then the roofing company wanted to get as many asphalt roofs done in warm weather as possible.

So today they started - now there was about 8 inches of new snow there, but they cleared all of that and even shoveled the decks afterwards. And then the pounding began - of course they started on the garage and my studio is on the second floor over the garage - way too noisy to get creative.

Tomorrow is the big football rivalry game - Montana State plays Montana - here and it is going to be a high of 18 degrees with wind chills below zero and more new snow. Not for me! My son is going with Bob in my place.

The picture is from Walker who was here yesterday. He has taken over my rocking chair and has his favorite Cow and Monkey with him, a package of fruit chews and is watching Little Einsteins - his favorite. He is 2 and a half, so independent and so much fun.

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