Saturday, February 5, 2011

To Missoula . . .

I woke up sick this morning. I had that awful flu right after New Year's for a couple weeks and sometimes it feels like I get a "relapse". I didn't sleep very well and I was cold and sick to my stomach most of the day. But I had promised Mom we would make a quick trip to Missoula to see her and we have already had to cancel one trip due to weather. It is a little over 400 miles round trip and the roads were okay. I wanted to take some things to her so we decided to just tough it out. Bob drove the whole way coming and going - you know I am sick when I pass on driving. I love to drive . . . but not today.

We had a good visit with Mom. She will be 90 in May and is an amazing woman. We decided on a long, late lunch at a great Chinese place. She lives in a senior apartment complex and is very quick to tell you that it is not assisted living. "All of us here," she will say, "are totally independent". And they are. She hated it at first, but has come to enjoy the camaraderie of others and the many activities. She needed a couple tubes of paint for a painting she is starting so one of our stops was at Michael's. She loves to shop and shopping with her is always fun.

It was a long, good day. Bob and I were both really glad to get home. It was a race to see who could get their "comfies" on first - I won!!!

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