Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Head down - working and learning.

This has been a very busy time here - but lots of good learning. I have been working to learn to design and digitize my own quilting patterns. Each day I think, "I should blog about that", but with each day there are still too many questions I have about which way to go. How many computerized designs does the world need? I have many I want to make and I would like to sell some with I have some ideas that are a bit different. I also want to be able to digitize for others who want a special design for a special project. But, what would that look like for me while still giving me lots of time to quilt. I have made the final decision on the software to purchase after several weeks of trials on various kinds and I am now ready to go. I knew if I just mucked around long enough in this quandary that it would become clear and I woke this morning with that desired clarity. It always seems like a miracle when the clouds part and the path is so inviting to go that I just can't wait to load the wagons and head out. I am ready and what an exciting journey it will be.

Here are the gorgeous roses Bob brought home for our anniversary last week. (Don't you love that crochet piece? Mom made it for me many years ago.) I am pretty lucky in lots of ways, huh? Bob and I were married 17 years ago in the district court judges chambers (also a good friend) here in Bozeman. Bob was 55 and had never been married, but we had known each other and dated some 20 years before. Our paths then went in different directions, mine to the Denver area until we reconnected and decided we would not let life get in our way again.

I also started a block of the month on one of the online boards. I got it started, signed up for the first month, lots of others wanted to play and signed up to be the "Block Momma"s for other months and we are off. We are each selecting 12" blocks from the Quilters Cache site. Here is the block I selected for February. It is "Morning Star 2". I think it will be fun, but I know that sometimes with these online projects, things kind of fade away. That will be okay as well.

So, today I am off to sew and make some plans for my digitizing work. These are exciting times!

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