Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And sometimes . . .

. . . just because you can - you SHOULD!.

Last night I returned this quilt that I finished. (The picture is not so good I know.) A friend had done the quilt for a wedding gift for her stepson and wife and had not had time to get it quilted. And then her husband passed away unexpectedly. I wanted to do something for her so I offered to quilt the top. She wanted a particular quilting pattern - similar to one her own mom had done and hand quilted. Yes, those are just wavy lines in a diagonal pattern. I think it would have looked better with an all over, swirly design. I SHOULD have been more persuasive. But, I am glad I could do it for her.

One last thing today - I borrowed this idea from a wonderful fiber artist I follow on Facebook - to select one verb and one adjective for each day. I like that idea - at least for a few days.

My verb for today is organize and my adjective is thankful.

We are ready to go and the weather looks like we will be heading out on Saturday so I have three days to do somethings I had not planned on getting done until April. It is kind of like a gift.

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