Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cold - very, very cold . . .

I am glad we waited to head out today. The wind is blowing the little dry snow that is coming down and it is below zero. Not a good travel day. And - it looks like it doesn't get much better until one is south of Salt Lake City. So, we are glad we waited. We will leave on Saturday - supposed to be better - or Sunday if the weather gurus are just kidding us - or maybe the first of May if this winter doesn't ever end.

My verb for today is "refining" - I am refining the packing and "things to take" so that is good. My adjective for today is "excited". We are getting very, very excited. I think these 3 or 4 extra days were needed to build the excitement to an appropriate level.

And the picture for today is of me with my favorite quilt at HMQS in 2008. Being as it is my blog, I can show these old pictures that make my heart sing. I have not entered a show since, but I know this is the year for it!

Congratulations to all who have quilts showing and to those getting ribbons with their beautiful work at the Mid-Atantic Quilt Quilt Festival. That is my dream - to have quilts ready to enter in lots of shows. It takes lots of work and planning and I admire those who stay with it so much!!!

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