Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still here . . .

Isn't there a song like that from Steven Sondheim?
Well, we haven't left yet. We are now waiting a few days for some better weather and are aiming at the weekend. But, who knows, we may have to wait until June for that - the better weather. The good news is that I am ready to go and now have a few "free" days with nothing planned or required. Ahhh!

I just got back from a quilting group called "Breakfast Club". It is hosted by a local shop and we all go and the shop owner provides the breakfast and the pattern for the month. We then stay and sew for the morning. The pattern has many different sizes we can select to make. I usually chose something small so I might get it done by the next month. Here is the table runner I made last month and shared this morning.

You know my last post about, "just because you can, doesn't mean you should?" Well, that has stuck in my mind and I thought of it again this morning at our breakfast gathering. There are 12 or so women in this group - probably all over 50 and not working or retired. There is always one person in any group who seems to know it all and doesn't hesitate to tell others how to do "it". . . whatever "it" might be. The group this morning is no different. There were a couple women who were very eager to boldly tell others how they should be doing "it". At least the "it" related to piecing and quilting, but it could have been more entertaining if the subject had been spicier. It just seems there is always someone right there to tell you how to do "it" better. I just nod and smile - and go on with my work. But I think it is so funny. Is this typical in any group of 12 or so? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Janna and Mike said...

Remember the conversation we had about a guild I belong to--definitely one particular lady is always ready to tell you how to do it "better" then after she makes everybody mad sends out soupy thank you cards for all your hard work--GRRRR Weren't you guys coming down warm country way this winter??

Carol said...

Janna, that is the same behavior - so eager to tell others what they need to do better.

Yes, we were heading out yesterday, but Bob had to get some meds changed with his doc here and Monday was a holiday. So now with this new storm, we are heading out on Saturday or Sunday and coming to Parker first where my brother lives. We are so excited!!!!