Monday, August 17, 2009

Wonder-Full Days

We have had so much fun since Roy and Meagan arrived last Wednesday. The first big excitement was that President Obama flew into our airport and had a town hall meeting here. None of us were able to see it "live", but Roy and Rainy (Stan's wife) got up really early to go stand in line for tickets, but didn't get any. We did go out on Friday evening and saw Air Force One parked at our airport. I couldn't believe how emotional it was just to see that big bird there representing our country and known around the world. It was a cool, rainy night as many of ours have been lately.

Meagan and Weston have become fast friends even though Meagan is almost 6 and Weston is almost 4 - an interesting age difference. Weston is all about anything you can drive and loves the big old John Deere tractor. Meagan loves all of the girly things and she got new boots, a hat and a cowgirl shirt and belt to show off - all in her "Portland Style". We are loving every minute of their time here. Weston comes out to visit each day for a while and has stayed over night once.

These are "wonder-full" days for sure!

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Anonymous said...

lucky lucky you! enjoy. :)