Friday, August 21, 2009

Too quiet here . . .

The beautiful little smiling face is gone for another year. We loved our time here with Meagan and Roy. Meagan and Weston became such wonderful friends. Here are some pictures of their time here together. The first one shows them all bundled up on the couch watching "The Pink Panther" cartoons for the umpteenth million time. We were in the middle of having the entire heating and water system replaced so on the cold mornings (very unusual for August in Montana), we had to start a fire and cuddle up.

One of the things both Meagan and Westn love do to a lot was play in the water. Here is one of the days in the hot tub. They also visited the splash park and a couple swimming pools. They are just like little fish and it is hard to get them out once they are wet.

The highlight of her time here for sure was the horseback riding. She wanted so badly to ride a horse. One of our very best friends offered to help so she spent several hours with her getting started and finally riding. They said she is a natural with the way she stays loose and her love for it. I guess Grandma will have to get a horse and learn more about riding as well. It is something I have always wanted - since I was Meagan's age. Maybe it is never too late to have that happy childhood, huh? The last picture shows the pure joy she felt. I guess it was the highlight of our time here as well to see her so happy.

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