Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just check me in . . .

I stopped quilting for others in March of this year - had too many family things going on. Since, I have been called by several customers with requests that I have politely turned down and given the names of other quilts in the area who are good friends and do beautiful work. Yesterday, I had a previous customer call me in tears - yes, I am a sucker for tears. But, I had been thinking of starting again on a limited basis anyway.

I am not sure the family issues will ever be totally quiet, but my parents have adjusted somewhat to being elderly and sick - or else I have adjusted to the fact that I can't make them younger and well again no matter what their requests of me might be. And, I can't move to Missoula which is 200 miles away. Now - having an apartment in Missoula where I could just go and sew - that might work? No way - banish that thought!

So - I am starting to take in quilts again. I have a lady bringing (hope the tears are over) three this afternoon. I am kind of excited again about it. I am going to order a quilt top from eBay and cut it into 4 pieces - so must find the right one. I am then going to quilt it at 4 price levels so customers can see what they pay for before I end up doing custom for E2E prices just because I think it "needs it". And - I am going to do two with a busy back and machine starts and stops and two with a plain back and buried threads - so they can see - and be prepared - to pay the difference. I should piece my own, but I think I can find one on eBay - or do you know of any available for a good price?

I think this might just work. I will see how it goes with my return customer and the ones I kept (several very close friends). Then I may officially hang out my shingle again.

We are planning to do some traveling this fall and winter - so I am going to have to be careful and try to get tough when there are tears.


Diana said...

Contact me if you like and I can send you pictures of what I have here. I bought LOTS of ebay tops that are just sitting here now. I never got to them. Email is dianawilson4 at yahoo dot com.

Anonymous said...

Like your idea for sample quilting. Very Clever of you.

Penny (Bubar)

Carol said...

Thank you, Diana and Penny. I am excited again about quilting.

Question for you, Penny, if you check back. If you were to take your IQ tablet to your friends house, could you use it on her docking station and run her machine from your tablet? Curious here.