Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just a note . . .

The picture is a cute one of the grandkids waiting for lunch yesterday. I just had to share - we are continuing to have a lot of fun, but I am finding I am "feeling my age" - now if I could only "act my age".

I am slowly unhooking from Facebook and wanted to let readers here know. It has become a great way for our family, close and extended, to stay in touch as well as my local quilting art group. It seems to be a repeat of all of the wonderful blogs and discussion boards that I follow for my fiber art and quilting friends who inspire me with their beautiful work. So, I have decided to keep Facebook for mostly family and non-quilting friends. I know that is weird, but I it helps my aging brain to keep things separate. I am also one of those who doesn't like to mix my food up on my plate - and I usually eat all of one thing before going on to another.


Anonymous said...

I'm slowly unhooking from Facebook, too. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by removing them from my friends' list, but I'm also finding that I'd prefer to stay in touch with many of these people through their blogs and other venues. I'm thankful to have so many online options available to stay up to date with others who I enjoy.

It sounds like your life is full and enjoyable. :)

Carol said...

Well - in this situation I like the old saying, "those who matter don't mind - and those who mind, don't matter". I suspect most of the folk I had on my "friends" list will not mind - they are talented people who share ideas and inspiration through blogging and boards and I will continue to enjoy that.

myolivebranch said...

well dang. i just got cut! and since you LOOK so much like my sister kell, i don't understand. just kidding. you're right, i don't mind.

it's an odd problem really. in real life it's relatively easy to "separate" people and keep them where you really want them. online it seems more of a challenge. i haven't resolved it for myself yet.

Love the little faces! thanks for the morning smile!

Carol said...

I wish I looked as good as your sister, Kell! No "cuts" meant - just simplifying my life. I am an information junkie and FB was fast becoming an addiction. I am finding with each simplification, my creative spirit is more focused. I know those who make a living teaching and writing about quilting need public exposure - it is smart marketing. But, for me, with my "one track mind", it fast becomes an addiction. I will continue enjoying information from the experts for inspiration through their blogs - and yours is one of those blogs I love to read. Thank you!